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Frequently Asked Questions


Moving takes a lot of careful planning and a great deal of organization. US Moving Companies has more than forty years of experience in the moving industry and we have put together a few of the most asked questions that our customers have asked us about moving:


How far in advance should I call a moving company?

The earlier you call, the better. US Moving Companies prefers that customers contact us at least four to six weeks ahead of time. The more time that you allow us, the better it will be to schedule the move on the date that you need it. Waiting until the last minute can result in delays due to trucks being scheduled for other moves on the same date.

Is there a good time of year to schedule a move?

Generally, scheduling a move anytime of the year except the summer is going to be good. Summer months are the busiest times of the year for people moving and due to this, it may take longer to schedule trucks and moving staff. Also, the end of the month as well as the end of the year are also much busier for moving companies than other times of the month and year. If at all possible, moving during the fall or winter are best when it comes to pricing as rates are often lower during these months since fewer trucks are scheduled for moves.


Will my belongings be insured during the move?

Yes, your property will be insured but insurance coverage amounts will vary based on the services that you order. Only items that are loaded and delivered on the moving truck will be covered during the move. A packing slip should list all items that are loaded inside the truck.


Will my new furniture be protected during the move?

The skilled movers will do all that is possible to make sure all furniture is protected during the move. Furniture covers and other safety measures will be used to protect all furniture as well as other property that is loaded onto the moving truck.


Can items be packed inside of dresser drawers?

It is best that the only thing inside a dresser drawer is light clothing, sheets and towels or small blankets. Other items can become damaged or cause damage during the move and should be packed inside of boxes, crates or packing bags.


Can my lawn mower and other lawn equipment be moved?

We can move items such as this but they must not have any gasoline, oil or other flammable material inside them. The Department of Transportation does not allow moving companies to move flammable materials. If the flammable materials are inside the mower, or there are still fumes from the materials, you will need to find an alternate way to relocate the equipment.


Is it alright to have my pet loaded in the moving truck if he is in a cage?

No. Moving companies are not authorized to move pets or other living things whether they are caged or uncaged. You will need to take your pets in your private vehicle to move them to the new location.


Do you offer storage for furniture and other household goods?

We offer nationwide storage options for furniture, household and office goods, automobiles and other motor vehicles and many other possessions. When you need storage we can assist with that in all 50 states of the U.S.


Am I expected to tip the moving specialists?

A tip is a great incentive and always appreciated by moving specialists and moving truck drivers. Providing a tip however, is not expected nor is it required. Whether you offer a tip or not is at your sole discretion.


Do I need to be present when the truck is loaded?

Yes, the property owner needs to be present when the truck is loaded as well as when it is unloaded. If you will not be able to be present, you will need to have another adult stand in for you as paperwork must be signed before the truck may leave with the property. This helps to ensure that everything you need is handled promptly as well as helping to make sure everything is loaded and unloaded in the way that you need them to be.


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